Sports Injury Day Training Courses

Sports Injury Management For Adolescents

Modus Education has been delivering specialist training day courses to staff working in a school and sporting environment for over 7 years.

Developed from over 10 years’ experience working with adolescents, it offers the most comprehensive and specialised courses in the UK.

Level 1 - Basic Foundation Course

3 hour training day | 2 hour online training module

£120 per person

Group & Hosting Discounts Available

This course is aimed at non-medical staff involved in sports coaching and sports day supervision. 

It is a practical course, ensuring attendees get hands-on teaching in the management of sporting injuries.

The course aims to teach attendees to:

  • Correctly manage common pitch-side injuries such as ankle sprains & muscle contusions.
  • Recognise and manage serious injuries such as shoulder dislocations, knee ligament injuries and fractures.
  • Ensure the safe management of head injuries involving concussion and potential neck fractures.
  • Ensure recognition and management of medical conditions such as asthma, seizures, and anaphylaxis.

All attendees get access to all Level 1 online teaching modules, including: Head & Neck Injury Management, Musculoskeletal Injury Management, and Medical Emergencies & Lacerations  for a year.


Level 2 - Advanced Course

8 hour training day | 6 hour online training module

£250 per person

  • Group & Hosting Discounts Available

This course is aimed at staff already possessing some medical knowledge who work within a clinical setting such as a health centre. This practical course ensures attendees get hands-on teaching in the assessment and management of sporting injuries to the upper and lower limb, along with spinal management. 

The course aims to:

  • Consolidate knowledge and confidence to accurately diagnose and manage sporting injuries that often present in the sporting environment
  • Be an interactive and practical teaching day ensuring attendees get hands on practice, and the opportunity to ask questions to specialist medical professionals.
  • Ensure all attendees finish the day confident in their ability to recognise and manage serious sporting injures such as concussion and spinal fractures.
  • Complete the online Level 2 modules Upper Limb, Lower Limb and Head & Spinal Injury management with attendees getting a year’s access to each module.


 2024 Training Dates

  • Sunday 7th April 2024  – Level 2 @ Wellington College, Berkshire
  • Saturday 24th August 2024 – Level 2 @ Shrewsbury School, Shropshire
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